2 vs 15 and 7 vs 10

18 Mar

1 vs 16 and 8 vs 9 results

18 Mar

The first round of voting had concluded and there were some blowouts and close calls. Claude Giroux, Donovan McNabb, Spencer Hawes, Jeremiah Trotter, and Allen Iverson moved on to the round of 32 without blowout victories. In the Battle of 21’s Peter Forsberg narrowly skated his way to the round of 32 by defeating JVR.

The most compelling matchup was Pat Burrell vs Shane “The Flyin Hawaiian” Victorino. Pat Burrell is the type of guy you would like to spend some time with drinking with at Old City establishments, and Shane Victorino is the type of guy that you would like to listen to Bob Marley and just chill with. This matchup was never not close and was decided by one vote. More people would rather listen to Bob Marley with Shane Victorino than drink with Pat the Bat.

http://betterbracketmaker.com/#!/7504a9eab8235 Full bracket here.

Voting 1 vs 16 and 8 vs 9

17 Mar


17 Mar

My name is Kyle and growing up in the Philadelphia area I had the privilege of watching many great athletes play for our local teams. I also had the privilege of hearing endless debates about what athlete is the most loved and the best athlete in Philly. Sports are the great equalizer in Philadelphia, but talking about who rules the cities in sports can turn nasty. Flyers fans vouch for Claude Giroux, Eagles fans always bring up Brian Dawkins, back when people went to Sixers games Allen Iverson was always the Sixers fans answer and Chase Utley and Roy Halladay will be brought up by Phillies fans.

I decided to make a bracket with of the four major sports teams in Philly (sorry Wings and Union fans even though Jake Bergey and Sebastien Le Toux should be on the list). Each region is dedicated to one of the four major sports teams in Philly. There is a Sixers Region, Flyers Region, Sixers Region, and Phillies region each with sixteen players. Voting will take place every couple days and at the end of the tourney we will be able to see which athlete really rules Philly.  The players in the bracket have played in Philly in some point in time over the past ten years.

Comment about the seeding, which athletes got snubbed and more!